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Neil Balchan is a herpetologist interested in the evolution, ecology, and natural history of snakes. This interest (or obsession…) has taken him around the globe in search of these cryptic creatures. Currently a PhD student at Oklahoma State University, Neil’s research focus encompass species and trait diversification, and the “biochemical ecology” of snake venoms. While he hopes to add to our collective knowledge of “how snakes work”, Neil’s research often leaves him with more questions than answers. His current dissertation work focuses on untangling the genetic relationships among a group of closely related cobras in Asia, and understanding how their venoms vary across a landscape. Neil is also actively working on several projects exploring biological “arms-races” between snakes and rodents, where rodents may manage to overcome the toxic effects of snake venoms. Snakes have so much to teach us about the natural world, and about ourselves - and Neil hopes to inspire the next group of thinkers to pay just a little more attention to our serpentine neighbours.

Neil Balchan

February 02, 2024 @ 10 am CST

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Neil Balchan
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