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The National Biodiversity Teach-in is a class project designed to raise awareness about Biodiversity!

Our goal for NBTI each year is to provide accurate information, and great ideas, and connect to professionals working in the field of biodiversity to participants around the world!


How did our class project arise?
In 2012 Ms. (Perryman) McMullen & Mrs. Trimble’s Environmental Science classes at Elgin High School became interested in educating the world on biodiversity after learning the story of Martha the Passenger Pigeon. (link to biodiversity page) They met with organizers from Project Passenger Pigeon and they learned that the passenger pigeon once numbered in the billions and in less than 40 years, the entire population was wiped out. The more we learned, the more passionate we became about the passenger Pigeon and all biodiversity. 


In the fall of 2014, the first NBTI was held and hosted 17 presentations and 6,500 participants from the US, Canada, and India. In 2015, the NBTI was moved to February, and to date we have had over 100,000 participants from over 25 countries! Our participants have been enrolled in public and private schools, public and private colleges, home-schooled students, private citizens, conservation organizations, and grassroots heroes! 


The NBTI is currently facilitated by Mrs. Trimble & Ms. Mallen’s environmental science classes at EHS with support from Ms. McMullen who is now the U-46 Science Coordinator. Each year, our students have a specific job to make this program happen from marketing, communications, website design and updates, social media, taking action, and management.  


We hope you find this page useful and full of ideas, and hopefully we see you as a participant in a webinar in February this year!

Who We Are

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