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Natalie is a wildlife conservationist, activist, and professional diver based in Hawai'i. She is currently the Campaign Director at Oceanic Preservation Society as well as the co-founder of the international grassroots group Keiko Conservation. As a Cressi ambassador, Natalie is an avid free diver. She uses her time spent under the surface to document and share the visible impacts humans are having on marine life and bring attention to the ocean's less charismatic species. She believes that each individual holds the power to create immense change in their lifetime. Her goal is to empower the public to become activists in their daily life while bringing them together to create strength in numbers for ongoing conservation efforts.

Natalie Parra

February 16, 2024 @ 2pm CST
Pre-K - 6th grade, 7th - 12th grade

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Natalie Parra
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