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Lindsey Banks is a Veterinary Technician and an avid voice for animal rights. She is currently serving as the Director of Operations and Wildlife License Holder at Seacrest Wolf Preserve. Lindsey currently holds Class 2 and 3 Wildlife permits for the state of Florida and a USDA license for the Seacrest Wolf Preserve. Lindsey has spent many years caring for sick and injured animals at a variety of vet clinics throughout the south. She now spends her days caring for many native wild species, while educating the public of their importance to the ecosystems. Lindsey believes that by educating the public on wolves especially we have a chance of preserving not only the species but also the natural world.

Lindsey grew up with a huge fascination with wolves, and always loved watching documentaries and specials about them. She also read as many wolf books as she was able to get her hands on. She thinks her love for wolves is what has caused her to love and own several huskies. She currently has a very spoiled one named Possum who frequently is found on the Seacrest social media pages helping spread the good word for wolves. Lindsey often claims her house is a small “zoo” as you can find many different types of animals residing and recovering within its walls.         

Lindsey hopes to share her passion with the world and build a better environment for all- animals and humans alike. 

Lindsey Banks

February 16, 2024 @ 10 am CST
7th - 12th grade

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Lindsey Banks
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