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Angella Moorehouse holds a master’s degree from Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois. Her educational training is in avian and plant ecology. She was mentored in the field by various entomology experts starting with butterflies in the late 1990s. This passion later expanded to include other groups of insects with a focus on pollinators. For the past 27 years she has worked for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources as a field representative for the Illinois Nature Preserves Commission in west-central Illinois where she prepares conservation easements to protect high quality natural areas and assists in the management along with flora and fauna monitoring of these sites. She has been conducting photography surveys of flower visiting insects on 30 protected natural areas in west-central Illinois since 2018. Angella and her husband Dan are avid photographers and use their photographs to document natural diversity and share their passion for nature through education. Angella has published several photo field guides on wasps, bees, flies, and moths with the Field Museum in Chicago as part of the Rapid Field Guide program. “Flower Bugs” is her first book publication and is intended to be a field guide for identification of flower visiting true bugs (Heteroptera) in the Midwest.

Angella Moorehouse

February 09, 2024 @ 9 am CST
7th - 12th grade

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Angella Moorehouse
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