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This is the fourth year Rick has presented during the National Biodiversity Teach In. For more than a decade, he was a print journalist, who worked for various newspapers and magazines. After losing his hearing he transitioned into documentary film work, and directed several award-winning films including "Fragile Waters (2014)" and "Deconstructing Eden (2018)."
Additionally, he's authored three nonfiction books that deal with wildlife conservation, endangered species, and wildlife trafficking.
Currently, he's semi-retired and indulges in a lifelong dream hobby of primatology (aka Monkey Watching) in Jakarta, Indonesia.
His informal research observations of the long-tailed macaques who live, wild and free, among the 14 million people in the third largest city on the planet aims to help people coexist with small primates.
Rick lives in East Jakarta with his wife and family.

Rick Wood

Rick Wood
February 17, 2023 @ 8 am CST

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