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Elephant Aid International Founder, President, and CEO Carol Buckley is an internationally recognized authority in the rescue, rehabilitation, and welfare of captive-held elephants. Carol creates innovative models that set new standards of care for elephants in captivity.
With more than 40 years of experience working with captive-held elephants, Buckley is known for her extensive knowledge of elephant values, physiology, and culture. She has developed revolutionary non-dominant management systems and holistic healthcare programs that support the recovery of elephants while ensuring their autonomy.
In 2009 alarmed by the plight of so many elephants in captivity, Carol founded and continues to head up Elephant Aid International. She has become a leading spokesperson and expert witness for elephant care and protection nationally and internationally; Buckley works with governmental agencies and private organizations
to strengthen regulations protecting the welfare of elephants in captivity.
In 1995, Carol realized a long-standing dream by co-founding America’s first and largest natural habitat elephant sanctuary. That facility was the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. Over the years, it became a loving refuge for twenty-three elephants and was acclaimed for its
integrative, holistic approach to medical care and trauma recovery. Now Buckley has expanded that outreach to Attapulgus, Georgia. Elephant Refuge North America is currently home to two elephants and can accommodate as many as ten elephants retired from zoos and circuses.

Carol Buckley

Carol Buckley
February 17, 2023 @ 11 am CST

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